Team BKP
Community Code of Conduct

Team BKP aims to create an environment which is sensitive to and maximizes individual differences, where everyone has a fair chance to succeed. Capitalizing on what is unique about individuals and drawing on their different perspectives and experience adds value to our business.

All potential and current workers, suppliers, customers, partners and stakeholders are to be treated fairly and with respect in all interactions.

Team BKP is committed to being a diverse, safe, accessible, equitable and inclusive employer. To achieve this, we ask that all individuals within and outside our network follow our code of conduct when working with us:

  • All individuals have the right to engage in an environment free from discrimination, harassment, victimization and bullying or any other form of unwanted behavior.
  • No one is disadvantaged by conditions, requirements or practices which cannot be shown to be justifiable.
  • All interactions are to be respectful while upholding individual rights and differences.
  • We aim to work well together and recognize that everyone is unique and has the right to be treated equitably and with dignity.

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