Team BKP
Community Code of Conduct

Team BKP aims to create an environment that celebrates individual differences; where everyone has a fair chance to succeed.

All individuals have the right to engage in an environment free from discrimination, harassment, victimization, bullying or any other form of unwanted behavior.

Team BKP is committed to being a diverse, safe, accessible, equitable and inclusive employer and organization. All potential and current workers, suppliers, customers, partners and affiliates are to be treated fairly and with respect in all interactions.

We aim to work well together and recognize that everyone is unique and has the right to be treated equitably and with dignity. The diversity of our members’ unique perspectives add value to our community.

To achieve this, we ask that all individuals within and outside our network follow our code of conduct when working with us:

Be Kind Bullying isn't allowed – threats and degrading comments will not be tolerated. All interactions are to be respectful and uphold individual’s rights and differences

Respect Everyone's Privacy Authentic, expressive, honest discussion fuels connection, so being part of this community requires mutual trust. Any information shared in this group and in our live calls is confidential and is not to be shared outside those containers. Do not take screenshots, cut-&-paste posts or comments, download documents/images or repeat anything you hear on a call.

Use Inclusive Language
Please use gender-inclusive language (people, folx, community, y’all) and abstain from using appropriative language (like tribe if you are not Indigenous or
African-American Vernacular English if you are not Black). Respect and use the pronouns that people identify with.

Thank you for abiding by this code of conduct to make this aim a reality!