How to Get More Auditions

HOW TO GET MORE AUDITIONS (For the Gigs You Actually Want!)  

FREE Live Webinar to learn exactly how to land more auditions for bigger jobs.

If you have an agent, this class is the answer to getting more auditions. 

If you don’t have an agent, you'll learn precisely how to stand out and get the auditions you want. 

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Get big auditions for the gigs you actually want – with or without representation - so you can finally move your career forward in a meaningful & authentic way  

Stand out in a crowded marketplace – showcase your unique personal brand so you're playing the roles you're meant to play

Pitch yourself with language that feels authentic instead of salesy so you can take actions that align with your creative purpose and feel connected to your calling

Present your agent with a stellar profile that gets them crazy excited to submit you for the biggest gigs

Submit yourself to projects with confidence and stop feeling powerless

Discover the easy steps – you didn’t even know existed! – that put you on top of the list for the biggest casting offices

WARNING: You will not be required to learn any new tools to master what I teach you. No social media strategies, pitch calls, press releases or fancy marketing required. In fact, the strategies you’ll learn rely on a tool you already have… you’re just using it in the wrong way.  


About Your Host

Brian Patacca coaches actors off the hamster wheel of scatter and motivates them into taking powerful action. He helps his clients gain control of their careers, GET MORE AUDITIONS and BOOK MORE JOBS.  

As the Founder of Actor Salon he’s developed programs for 1000s of actors in NYC, ATL, LA, CHI and San Fran to help them get more auditions, sign with great representation, pitch and sell content, network with industry insiders and most importantly thrive with certainty in their calling to this creative career.  

Brian is a graduate of Northwestern University, the ICF accredited Coaches Training Institute, and just completed his first year of studies as a Spiritual Director. He ignites your passion, stokes certainty in your soul, and lights a bonfire under your ass.

How to Get More Auditions (For the Gigs You Actually Want!)

 Land more auditions for bigger jobs that will have an immediate impact on your career –WITH or WITHOUT an agent.