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A Proven Framework to Land More Auditions for the Roles You Were Born to Play 

(whether you have an agent or not)

For Actors Who Want to Act in Amazing Projects Without Using Crazy Marketing Gimmicks

You love acting. Acting is your calling. You’ve dedicated the last I-don’t-even-know-how-many-years to creating a career in this business that makes you proud. But maybe you’re not where you want to be. Or where you thought you’d be. Or you know – deep down in your gorgeous artist heart – you’re not where you could be.  

You’re not getting auditions for the projects you actually want – the roles that you’re dying to play. The roles that would finally help move your career forward in a meaningful and authentic way.  

Maybe you feel powerless – subject to an impossibly competitive industry, fickle representation, and a clique of casting directors who don’t want you to succeed.  

Maybe you’re sure of your talent and know that acting is the only job for you, but when it comes to pitching yourself, things get wonky – you don’t know your “type,” your language becomes salesy, and your imposter syndrome gives you hives.  

Hi. I’m Brian Patacca, Founder of Actor Salon and the Get More Auditions Facebook Group. I coach actors off the hamster wheel of scatter and motivate them into taking powerful action. I want to help you gain control of your career, get more auditions and book more jobs.  

I know how frustrating it is to be stuck in front of your computer sweating over how to get an audition when all you want is to be on set or on stage. You don’t even feel like you’re in the game.  

Well, things are about to change! I’ve designed a proven strategy to use Actors Access & Breakdown Express to get more auditions for the television, film and theater roles you really want (disclaimer below!) Want some even better news? This strategy will work, whether you’re looking for an agent or you already have one.

If you need a simple, repeatable, low-tech, no-cost system to consistently land auditions for the roles you were born to play, I hope you’ll join me for this 6-Week Audition Magnet adventure! 

"WAIT, BRIAN! Are you telling me that this is a course on how to use Actors Access? That’s beginner stuff. I’m way beyond that at this point!"  

Guess what? The biggest mistake that most actors make – and I’m talking about the ones with agents too! – is to dismiss this tool. I invite you to peep the Series Regular's videos below.  

The truth is, unless you’re already a household name, your agent will forever be using Actors Access to get you seen by the biggest casting directors for the best projects. No more waiting in line behind hundreds of other actors for the auditions you want. 



You’ll master my 14-Step Audition Magnet formula and take a deep dive into the good, the bad and the ugly of your Actors Access Profile. This formula will help you see precisely what needs to change so that you get called in for the right roles and stop missing out on golden opportunities.  

I’ll be there live, to hold your virtual hand every step of the way. We’ll clarify your career focus and lay the foundation for a long and fruitful acting career.  


Attract the right attention! You’ll feel less pressure to embellish (or hide) your credits because your upgraded profile will effortlessly attract the right kind of attention. Once you’ve clarified your career focus, I’ll take you through your resume line by line, column by column, and together we'll strategically clean it up so that what's there speaks to who you are and where you’re going. 


By now, you’ll have scheduled some auditions (Yay, industry validation!), so navigating the emotional danger zone of headshots, reels, clips and slateshots won’t feel quite so terrifying. I’ll teach you my 4-part framework for how to ask for (and gracefully receive) constructive feedback so that you feel empowered to make changes your reps and casting will notice. You can stop worrying about all the time and money you’ve wasted and all the opportunities you’ve missed. 


Ok, we’re gonna answer the, “what do I write in my Note to Casting” question once and for all! No more wasted time trying to get the words “just right.” And no more writing the same damned thing as every other actor in town. I’ll reveal my 5 Compelling Criteria to book the room before you even walk into it. You’ll learn how to make a lasting impression with your elevator pitch and gain an edge over the competition, regardless of whether or not you get called in for the gig.  



Actors Access limits your creativity when it comes to designing a stellar profile. But I’ll teach you how to work around their system and create a standout resume that casting will remember long after you “click to submit.” If you get this right, you’ll probably increase your call-in rate by seven times.  

This class is your opportunity to ask final questions and make last-minute tweaks before running off into the sunset to celebrate with your agent, or happily get auditions all on your own.  

Special Bonus Training

The Ultimate Mission Statement Formula 

If you want the Universe to send a steady flow of auditions and jobs into your life, you have to be specific about your intentions. When you say, “I want to do it all,” what you’re actually communicating is, “I don’t know what I want!” With this training, you’ll identify your Powerful Focus — the goal that makes your heart beat fastest — so you can build a profile that attracts the decision-makers and creative kingpins with whom you’re dying to work. PSST….One of my clients used this specific tool to ‘retrain’ her agent to start sending her out for the RIGHT roles — which, of course, she booked!  

VALUE - $275

Should I Even Do This Project? Worth-It 

When you apply what you learn in this program, you get a buttload of auditions. It’s so important to know what projects are worth your time and which ones deserve a pass. There are numerous factors to consider when saying yes (or no): how much time it will take, how much money you’ll make, the credibility of the creative team, and the brilliance (or crappiness) of the script. I’m going to give you my Chutes and Ladders-style plug-and-play worksheet to help you decide if your next gig is worth it.  

VALUE - $97

Three Live Q&A Calls 

During the Audition Magnet program, we’ll meet four times as a group to address your specific questions and help you gain insight from your fellow actors. I’m pulling back the curtain during these calls and exposing everything that’s working (and not working!) in my process so that you can stay on top of your system too.  

VALUE - $2400

Pilot Season Prep Traction Call

I want you to apply every ounce of what you learn during Audition Magnet, so I’m going to give you six weeks to implement changes and put your upgraded profile to work. Then, we’ll have a check-in call. You can update me on any exciting new developments and ask all the questions that have come up since our final class.

VALUE - $800

Lifetime Membership Exclusive Course & Actor Salon Community

It’s so important that you stay motivated and on track, which is why I’m inviting you into our exclusive online group for the rest of your natural-born life! Use this resource to nurture powerful creative relationships, gain pro tips from alumni who’ve completed the program, and access special office hours and in-depth videos from me.  

VALUE - $197


We’ll nail the singular way to make you stand out in the most often neglected – and hidden – section of Actors Access. This one tool is going to surprise the heck out of you. You might even get a little angry when you realize it’s been staring you in the face all along.

VALUE - $97

Now lookee here. If you’re still rolling your eyes at Actors Access, I have this to say: There are strategies to leverage your profile that you don’t know about and they will blow your mind.  

If you’re out there saying, “Oh no! I don’t have an Actors Access profile yet,” never fear. You have come to the right place. Audition Magnet is going to teach you how to create a stellar profile that gets you seen, heard, and cast.  





Audition Magnet is a 6-week live, interactive online course that meets on Tuesdays at 2:00 pm PT / 5:00 pm ET from October 16th through November 20th, 2018  

This course is for you if you want to land auditions for the roles you were born to play, make a real living as an actor, and build the career you’ve always imagined – whether you already have an agent or you’re looking for one.



We'll meet as a group for six live Zoom webinar sessions. Every Tuesday, I'll walk you through a new part of the Audition Magnet Training. Then, we'll dive into Q+A and coaching to address your questions and overcome any obstacles that arise.

We'll meet on Tuesdays from October 16th to November 20th at 2:00 pm Pacific / 5:00 pm Eastern. If you can't make a live class, no sweat. I will record all sessions and share the video, downloadable audio, and companion worksheets with you right away.


Julie Booked a Guest Star on Big Little Lies

When I first started working with Brian, my Actors Access profile was a mess. I honestly had no idea what a big part of the deal my profile actually was.  

Brian sat down with me and looked at my profile, which I hadn’t touched in five years. He helped me examine what was there and what I needed. Then we got everything up in a way so that all the important info was highlighted. The process wasn’t intuitive for me.  

I needed somebody to show me how to do it.  

This whole process forced me to be more in touch with my agents since I had to check in with them to get what I needed for my profile. They are so happy now! And I feel really empowered. This training with Brian made me realize that there’s A LOT I can be doing to make sure I’m getting the auditions that I want.  

Series Regular Netflix's Orange is the New Black, Seasons 1-5

Aimee Has Confidence That Her Profile is On-Brand

When I moved to LA, I knew I wanted to do film and TV, but I didn’t know how to train myself or market myself for it. I had no idea that the acting business was a business!  

Before I started working with Brian, I definitely felt unfocused and unguided. I was submitting, but I was doing it blindly. Brian taught me so much about my Actors Access profile. I learned that I needed to have headshots that matched my reel footage.  

In working on my AA profile with Brian, I now have confidence that all of my training and experience and credits are clear; that they show what my brand is, what I enjoy doing, and where I want to go.  

Supporting Role in a Feature Film, plus a lot more! 

Amanda Just Finished Her First Series Regular

Every actor needs to hear that it takes time and patience to build a career. But it also takes running your career like a business. Before I started working with Brian, I was frustrated. I wanted to see my career as all art. But Brian taught me practical tools that I could use on the days when I didn’t have an audition or meeting - even for just like 15 minutes - to feel more in control and actually move things forward.  

A lot of times with this acting thing we don’t know what to do. We’re aimless. We’re taking a class, we’re submitting, but we’re not moving things forward. I worked for ten years before booking my first series regular job on NBC. I never thought it was going to happen but working with Brian really helped.  

Brian brings his whole soul to the experience. He’s not giving you cookie cutter answers. He really takes the time to look at you, get to know you, figure out what you want and then give you the tools to get there.  

Series Regular NBC's Trial & Error, Season 2  

As a Reminder...Here’s What You’ll Get When You Decide to be an Audition Magnet:

  • The Ultimate Mission Statement Formula to help you set goals for our six weeks together and chart a career course for the next six months
  • Worth-It Worksheet which will rescue you from the overwhelm that accompanies big career decisions and help you choose projects that truly align with your creative purpose
  • Six weekly group classes, worksheets, and templates to guide you through each step of the Audition Magnet system. Plus, we’ll save plenty of time to address your questions in live Q+A  
  • Pilot Season Traction Call to ensure you’re set up for success this pilot season  
  • Lifetime membership in our exclusive community group
  • The extraordinary opportunity to experience Audition Magnet live with me before it becomes a self-guided course  


Class Begins Tuesday (or start whenever – it's all recorded!) Enrollment Closes TONIGHT at 11:59pm PST.

Claim your spot now for this live webinar series designed to help you get more auditions for the jobs you actually want!

How Do I Know If Audition Magnet Is Right For Me?

If you say YES to any of the points below, I'd say you're qualified to dive into Audition Magnet and get a ton of value from it.

  • You’re ready to start living - and making a living - from your creative purpose  
  • Whether you have a ton of credits or you’re just getting started, you know you’re capable of working more consistently  
  • You’re tired of doing actor busy work — drop-offs, mailings, or soulless social media strategizing — and seeing no results. You want to learn the strategies used by actors with thriving careers  
  • You’re ready to take yourself — and your business — seriously with a deep dive look at your Actors Access profile
  • You want to feel confident and empowered when you submit yourself for the jobs that inspire you
  • You’re looking to improve your relationship with current representation or find a new agent who’s crazy excited to submit you for the biggest gigs


Audition Magnet takes you there.

Class begins on October 16th, but enrollment ends on October 14th.